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Singapore or Nascar

No Comments 19 September 2013

Singapore F1 or Nascar  

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F1 Grid Girls or Nascar?

No Comments 12 August 2013

Would you vote F1 … or Nascar? Let us know? Pics courteousy www.boostcrusing.com.au and www.news.com.au

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Car of the week, Opinion

Toyota Fortuner

No Comments 18 June 2013

So, I’m looking for a new car for my wife – we need something for a growing family and a car for all of us to enjoy on the weekend – we are considering a Toyota Fortuner, which is why it’s my “car of the week” – hopefully Toyota will let us have one to […]

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Greatest Car Ever?

No Comments 11 May 2013

Is it possible to claim there is a “greatest car ever”? We’re not so sure, but we know one car, which few could dispute, is close to the greatest – the Mercedes Gullwing 300 SL. The car was introduced to the world as a two seat sports car with the distinctive gullwing doors in 1954 […]

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Ferrari to reduce supercar sales

No Comments 10 May 2013

What company (in their right mind) would reduce production when demand is growing…? Ferrari, of course. No other brand in the world has quite such exclusivity appeal. readthe press release below if you (like I) can’t believe it! Ferrari SpA, the Italian supercar manufacturer owned by Fiat SpA, plans to reduce sales to fewer than […]

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Audi Nostalgia

No Comments 29 April 2013

Watched an insert on Ignition TV last night – this car was a sensation and still looks incredible! What an era in World Rallying.

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Our view of motoring

No Comments 17 April 2013

This is the very first post on Topmotoring.co.za – while it’s not going to be (at all) indicative of the future, newsy, exciting, tyre-smoking car reviews we are going to post – it will give you a small low-down on what we envisage this site being all about. Simply put, we review cars better than […]

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