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I am a car fanatic and a bit of a petrol head (there is a difference) – from as soon as I was able to see other cars on the road in my mother’s brown Cortina,  I could identify them simply by seeing a part of the tail-light – be it during the day OR even at night! I have owned plenty cars, winning my first at the age of 16 – a bright red Ford Lazer Sport 1600. I couldn’t afford the replacement silencer at some stage, and I remember the Speedy sales rep saying to me – “we can just run a pipe right through – it will give the car more beat”! It certainly did!

My second car was a Golf Wolfsburg Edition GTI – a street racer, borrowed from a friend. I replaced that with an E36 BMW 325i – it was the first time I ever drove a rear wheel drive and the car was incredible fun – until I got it sideways in a puddle. So with nerves of steel I decided to replace it with another front wheel drive, an Audi A3 1.8T – see pic attached!


I owned this car for 3 months – not because of the rings on the side, which I did to make it look sportier, but because of the fact I thought the car was going to roll in every corner – I hated it!

After that came a Landrover 90 2.8 – the one with the BMW motor in it - it was a bit quick for a Landy – and when I got wet going through a car wash it was on the lot! I replaced that with a 318 BMW – i think what sold me was the dark windows and the wooden steering wheel – it was fun, but it was sluggish – whereas the 325i had roared – the 318 was like a golf 1.3 with heavy steering!

After the BMW I decided to get a mini -


they had just been released and I wanted one – it was a beautiful car – I had to watch the Itallian job a hundred times and pretended I was racing wherever I went – it truly was a go-kart. But I soon found I needed space and changed that for a Club Cab Mitsubishi 2.8 – the Club Cab was convenient and a strong work horse – if i had kept it I would have raised the suspension and “pimped” it by now – I see lots of them and they look great.

But I sold it for another  BMW, a 330d – truly the best car I have owned.

BMW 330d

It had torque and when you accelerated it just didn’t stop gaining speed – I think the motor was voted best in class for something like 3 years in a row. When it passed the 100,000km mark I sold it like everyone does with their BMW’s and walked across the road to Nissan, who had just launched the Navara and it was the coolest chromed bakkie on the road – I still own it – yes it’s 6 years old, but it looks great and has gone so well (apart from a clutch).

Now I just enjoy the fact that I have no installments each month and get to play with cars I dream of owning – and even if I don’t dream of owning them – well I will test drive them for you in case you dream of owning them.

Let’s lay some rubber!


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